As a look at a V8 Supercars race will show, Ford and Holden remain top names among Australian fans of vehicular speed and performance. While Nissan has since added its own name to the series roster, the longtime rivalry between Ford and Holden remains the foundation that keeps the competition running. Just as Australians who enjoy keeping up with motor sports tend to pledge allegiance to one maker or the other, so do many buyers prefer a certain mark when it comes time to purchase a new car. Thanks to this impressive level of devotion, both manufacturers enjoy a reliable degree of loyalty, albeit one that comes with a real level of responsibility. Just about all Fords that have come onto the market in recent years, though, have done so with a clear view of what Australian buyers want and prioritize.

The company’s Mustang pony car, for instance, has become more popular with Australian drivers over the years, and recent versions of the vehicle have done an excellent job of noting and reacting to this growing level of demand. The modern Ford Mustang most clearly comes into its own when equipped with a powerful eight-cylinder engine, just like the racing-ready Fords that tear up the Mount Panorama Circuit at Bathurst. While few amateur drivers will ever experience the speeds and cornering forces that are common on V8 Supercars tracks, having instant access to some guaranteed excitement is part of what makes a Mustang purchase worthwhile. This makes the V8 engines that Ford has fitted the car within the last few years an especially apt pairing for a vehicle that excels in other ways as well.

For one thing, recent versions of the Mustang have a certain flair of styling that conveys real aggressiveness without seeming excessively over the top. With a gaping radiator window that helps cool a car that can certainly need it, today’s Mustang looks to be ready to chew up the road. That kind of character resonates with quite a few Australian buyers today and seems to reflect what many expect and hope for from Ford. With Ford marketers, designers, and engineers doing such an excellent job of reading what the public wants and responding, a significant level of loyalty seems certain to persist.

How Ford’s Mustang Delivers What Australian Drivers Want