How to Be Tactical When Extinguishing Fire

There are so many industries, companies, homes, and businesses that are under the risk of catching fire today due to a number of things. Investing in a fire alarm is good but one would also need to ensure that he or she invests in the right fire extinguisher. Having the right fire extinguisher is essential as one may be unfortunate to have purchased the wrong fire extinguisher and then think that it is the right type for the intended purpose. It is imperative for one to start by understanding the types of fire extinguishers. It is essential for one to make sure that he or she understands the exact type of fire extinguisher he or she needs for his or her place.

One would need to start by knowing that there are five major types of fire extinguishers offered by the informed companies. One can easily know the type of fire extinguisher by looking at the label on the fire extinguisher. People tend to have a multi-purpose extinguisher. While a multi-purpose extinguisher is good, it is also essential for one to know that identifying a good fire extinguisher would help you to tactically fight the fire in question. As a result, one would need to know the types of fire extinguishers for him or her to be a bit specific and tactical in extinguishing the fire in question.

Where one’s place is prone to fires associated with plastics, paper, trash, rubber, and wood, it would be essential for one to make sure that he or she buys type A fire extinguisher which is best for fighting ordinary combustibles. One would, as a result, be tactical in fighting fire caused by one of the above using the ordinary combustible fire extinguisher. Where the fire is caused by flammable liquids, one would tactically put out the fire using type B fire extinguisher. Where a fire has been ignited by oil, gasoline, tar, paint among other flammable liquids, it would be essential for one to make sure that he or she uses the type B fire extinguisher for the task.

Electrical related fires demand type C fire extinguisher. Where one would like to tactically extinguish fire on machinery, wiring, and faulty appliances, fuse boxes and circuit breakers, it would be essential for him or her to make sure that he or she buys the type C fire extinguisher. In case one has combustible metals in his or her custodian, the best fire extinguisher to buy is the type D fire extinguisher. It would be hard to put out combustible metals’ fire with the general fire extinguisher. Type K is known as the combustible cooking fire extinguisher and is tactically designed to deal with fire that may be caused by types of oils mostly used in the kitchen fires.

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